Monday, December 19, 2011


With doctor's visits, Christmas, and getting everything ready for the Christmas break with my's been CRAZY. But with all of this, Matt and I are still staying strong even with all the updates from our friends who are struggling. Over the past month or so, we have several friends who have found out they are expecting. Its hard and though Im do get jealous, I am beyond excited for them. This just makes me look to God even more.
As for the doctors and meds, I was put on a ten day pill to force a cycle. I took all ten and ended with no cycle...not until threes days after I finished did the cycle finally come. Thinking about all of this makes me laugh. Most people dread their cycle, and I am here praying for it to come. On day three of my cycle, I started Clomid. I finished the first round on Saturday. Most of the time, people do not end up successful on the first round but who knows.:) We will see!

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  1. I continue to pray for you and Matt, JoJo. I know your emotions are like a roller coaster right now, but yes, God's timing is PERFECT. I have no doubt that he has an awesome plan for you two!
    Enjoy your break and have a wonderful Christmas with your precious family!
    Love you!!!